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Referral and Production Metrics

Are You Data Driven?

winOMS, OMS Vision, OrthoTrac and others... Yes, you are practicing medicine, but as a referral based business do you truly understand where your patients come from? Do you understand leading indicators and that they do exist within your referral patterns? We take the data out of your practice management system and turn it into actionable items, FOR FREE! There is not a single patient management system that provides you the intelligence you need to effectively manage your practice. Do you have a software add-on that provides pretty charts but no real value or direction?

You probably don’t realize that deep within your organization there are KPI’s (key performance indicators) which are leading indicators of what’s to come. Practice Paradigm knows how to extract this big data and turn it into actionable items so that you can manage the business and proactively mitigate loss. As a referral referral-based business, you need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure you maintain the strength of your relationships. Unfortunately, by the time many practices realize there is a systemic issue, it is too late to adjust their direction. Give your practice administrator the data to effectively manage your practice, For FREE!

Your monthly reporting package, FOR FREE, includes metrics such as but no limited to:

  • Year over Year and Month over Month and Year Analysis on all of the following:
  • Patient Volume & Revenue Metrics: Unique patients by doctor, office, procedure and associated revenue
  • Procedure Volume & Revenue Metrics: Procedures by doctor, office, procedure and associated revenue
  • Referral Volume & Revenue Metrics: Patients by referral, revenue by referral and procedure

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