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Accounts Receivable and Payment Collection

We know your days are hectic producing... collecting should be the least of your concerns. A patient care coordinator has a patient at the check-in window, a patient is calling to make a payment, the doctor is waiting on a chart and a patient is waiting to check-out. Sound familiar?

Our platform will reduce the time your staff spend on the phone, increase efficiency, and cut hard costs with our reduced payment processing fees, guaranteed. Our research with a partner practice shows a 3-doctor practice will increase their efficiency, reduce overtime and headcount costs and reduce hard credit card processing costs by almost $100k combined when using our comprehensive solution. Imagine if you had an extra headcount for patient care? With Practice Paradigm, this becomes a reality.

Our seamless integration will not disrupt operations and give your staff the ability to do what they do best, provide outstanding patient care.

Collect More Payments, Faster, and With Less Resources

Our automated "any patient management software compatibility" allows your practice to accelerate collections "auto-magically" by sending patients customized payment links through email and text message at just the right time.

We are the only automated revenue cycle management solution with added communication tools resulting in increased collection rates, reduced write-offs, increased Social Media reviews, improved staff efficiency, all while creating happier patients.

We precisely target the three types of Accounts Receivable Patient Profiles at any predetermined times you choose.
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Easy For Patients Means Accelerated Cash Flow

Our one-click payment forms allows patients to get on with their own life and not get tangled into registering for yet another site or app. Our communication tools allows a patient to send your staff a text to your administrative portal and you can respond and it is sent right back to the patients mobile phone.

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Communication & Two-Way Texting

The way we communicate is changing. Practice Paradigm allows your patients to start a text conversation from your portal or text you directly from their phone. The result? One less phone call that comes into your practice.
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In-Depth Communication Analytics

Know exactly how your patients are responding to your messages. In-depth analytics for both text and email communications allows you to see trends at the macro level while being able to see if a specific patient has ignored your requests for payment.

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In-Depth Accounts Receivable Analytics

Our proprietary solution summarizes your Accounts Receivable in various formats so you can make data-driven decisions about your practice. Know when cash is coming in, outstanding, or when you can expect cash flow to speed up.

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Custom Built Payment Portal

We custom build you, for FREE, your own patient portal that integrates directly into your current website and allows your patients to retrieve an invoice using their email address or mobile phone number, make a one-time payment, securely place a card on file and more!
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Card On File (Pre-Authorizations)

Chair-time is valuable and missed appointments cost medical professionals millions of dollars a day. Our solution provides your practice and your patients the ability to securely place a card on file to enforce missed appointment policies.

Recurring Payments

Sometimes a patient needs just a little more time to make a payment. All practices experience this. Set up a recurring payment plan and let the automation take over. If a charge is denied, the patient can update their credit card details online.

In-Office Payments

Our solution brings in-office payments and online payments under one umbrella. Our state-of-the-art terminals accept all contactless payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Pin-Pads reduce the need to hand cards back and forth increasing the safety for patients and staff.

Automated Request For Reviews

Increase your Google & Facebook Reviews effortlessly with this all encompassed solution that knows exactly when to reach back out to your patients.

No one likes to be asked for a review when checking out at the office or immediately after paying a bill. Our solution will send a request for a review on your social platform(s) of choice at a time period you specify once the patient pays their bill.

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